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German Experience on SDG Reporting Shared at the “China and the World in a Changing Global Context Symposium”

Posted: Sep 27, 2020

On September 26th 2020, the “Symposium on China and the World in a Changing Global Context” was held by the China Center for International Knowledge on Development (CIKD) in Beijing. On behalf of the Sino-German Center for Sustainable Development (CSD), Mr. Hagen Ettner, the German Director of the CSD, was invited to attend and advise on “China’s Progress Report on Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2021)”, which is currently being prepared the CIKD.

The event was held in honor of the 5th anniversary of Chinese President XI Jinping’s announcement of the establishment of the CIKD at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015. Over 160 delegates from Chinese ministries, as well as numerous representatives of international organizations, embassies and foreign institutes, and key Chinese and international enterprises participated in the symposium. The symposium provided the opportunity to exchange experiences on facilitating cooperation on sustainable development between China and the world within the changing dynamics of the international environment.

One of the key tasks the CIKD is currently undertaking is the preparation of “China’s Progress Report on the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2021)”. The report is the third one in a biennial publication series, with the last two being published in 2017 and 2019 respectively. The reports are compiled to showcase China’s progress on and contribution to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the Agenda 2030.

During the symposium, Mr. Ettner shared the practice Germany has established for its SDG reporting with the audience. He informed about the online German National Reporting Platform – SDG and highlighted the relevance of quantification and operationalization of indicators using the biannual Indicator Reports of the Federal Statistical Office of Germany as a reference. He elaborated on the three levels at which Germany defines implementation approaches and monitors progress: 1) implementation and impacts in Germany, 2) impacts in other countries and on global public goods, and 3) support to other countries through international cooperation.

Mr. Ettner pointed out that establishing robust Agenda 2030 review and follow-up mechanisms is a challenge. In this context he informed about the network “Partners for Review” which facilitates dialogue and peer learning on challenges, provides space to explore best practices and lessons learnt, mobilizes knowledge, and shares expertise on new and emerging issues related to national monitoring and review. He cordially invited CIKD and possibly other stakeholders from China to join the network.

Since its establishment, the CIKD has been actively researching and communicating development theories and practice internationally. A focus was put on analyzing, summarizing and sharing China’s development knowledge with the world. CIKD has been promoting international development cooperation and global sustainable development since its inauguration. The CIKD has released several reports on China’s development experience in areas such as poverty reduction and combating the COVID-19 outbreak.

The CIKD is an important cooperation partner of the CSD. Since the establishment of the CSD, the two partners have been working closely on different research topics and jointly published studies. For more information please visit:

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