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Position: German Director

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Dr. Sylvia Van Ziegert (文思) has been building bridges and promoting intercultural dialogue between China and other countries for most of her professional career. Her wide-ranging experience includes program and portfolio management, organizational development, and capacity building.

Over the last sixteen years, she has established academic cooperation programs between Chinese and German universities and conducted intercultural training and consulting for global teams, both at the World Bank and in the private sector. She has been at GIZ since 2018 and worked for several years in the Sectoral Department, providing consulting and advisory services on the topics of strategic competence development and digitalization.

As the German Director for the Sino-German Center for Sustainable Development, she is responsible for establishing and facilitating international dialogue, triangular cooperation, and partnerships with a variety of stakeholders from government, civil society, the private sector, and academia. She is a second-generation Chinese American who feels at home working in a global context in China, Germany, and the United States.