Partnership with Businesses

Important problems hindering development cannot be resolved by states on their own. Invest-ment, trade, industry and business are an integral part of resource mobilization for development. The means to achieve sustainable development far exceed what official development assistance and south-south cooperation can provide. Businesses have to – and want to – assume responsibili-ties. They are engines of development. Germany and China both realize this and work towards forging close partnerships with economic actors to combine public and business efforts in order to create maximum impact.

The CSD supports these efforts by providing a multiparty platform and “match-making” services for triangular cooperation projects. There are different cooperation models among Chinese, German and third country businesses as well as between businesses and development cooperation. Under the umbrella of the CSD, however, only those partnerships with businesses can be supported which contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals in developing countries.

Enterprises can benefit from projects under the umbrella of the CSD by:

  • extending networks in the business and development cooperation sphere
  • reducing risks for the implementation of joint projects through access to sound project preparation advice and political backing
  • Getting access to necessary, liable resources and services
  • Optimizing and standardizing enterprise operations in joint projects (learning from each other)
  • Promoting the soft power and image of the enterprise by applying sustainability principles and by contributing to the achievement of the Agenda 2030 objectives

For further information on how to partner with the CSD as an enterprise, please contact us.