Triangular Cooperation Projects

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China is among the most important contributors to South-South Cooperation worldwide. Germany has a long history of development cooperation with countries all over the world. Combining the prowess of both partners to support third countries on their path towards a more sustainable future is a natural next step.

The CSD’s role is to identify, assess, prepare, accompany and monitor triangular cooperation projects between Germany, China, and third countries, particularly in Africa and Asia.

In particular the CSD:

  • assesses criteria for selection and preparation of triangular cooperation projects
  • analyses different project risks
  • develops the project concept together with the relevant stakeholders
  • attracts and integrates resources relevant to the project
  • supports development and agreement on adequate cooperation formats for triangular projects
  • promotes the triangular cooperation project
  • monitors project implementation
  • summarizes the triangular cooperation experience and feeds lessons learnt into the Sino-German Dialogue Development Cooperation

The CSD is looking for trialteral cooperation projects in the broader sense, including cooperation projects with regional, global and multilateral actors as well as business partners. It does not have a specific sectoral focus.

Triangular cooperation projects supported by the CSD must, however, comply with the following criteria:

  • contribution to sustainable development in recipient countries
  • alignment with government priorities in recipient countries
  • comparable contributions by the Chinese and the German side
  • added value for all three cooperation partners
  • commitment of all parties
  • feasibility in accordance with sustainability principles (ecological, economic, social)
  • risks can be managed and safeguards are in place

For more information on triangular cooperation in German Development Cooperation, please read the BMZ Strategy Paper on Triangular Cooperation in German Development Cooperation.

For more information on triangular cooperation projects supported by the CSD please visit our project database (coming soon).